Ep 004 | The Merry Writer Podcast

Are you ready for another episode of The Merry Writer Podcast?  Episode 004 is now available to listen to.  

You will find an embedded Youtube video below where you can listen to us discuss today’s question, which is:

“What Is Your Typical Writing Routine?”

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Episode 004


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6 thoughts on “Ep 004 | The Merry Writer Podcast

  1. Nice as always! I’m glad y’all have some routines.

    My routine is… not really a routine. I do things more willy-nilly, which doesn’t get me far enough in some ways but it allows important things (such as day job and relationships) to be important. Just like you guys said preventing burn-out is important, I think maintaining relationships and being able to participate in human adventures enriches stories. To me, without those experiences, the writing will seem too dull and self-oriented.

    1. Glad you enjoyed listening, H. 🙂 We appreciate the support.

      Have you always done things willy-nilly?

      You are so right, connecting to people, being in relationships does enrich stories. It’s why even introverted writers need to step outside, and build connections – stories created in a bubble don’t do so well.

      1. I think I’ve always done things willy-nilly. I don’t remember ever planning things very well. Even in grade school, the only reason I ever did a planner was because I was forced to. I usually just memorized what my homework assignments were.

        I’ve never been organized, and no matter how much I try, it doesn’t work out.

      2. I think it’s important to find what works best for you as there truly is no “one size fits all” method.

        I think it’s awesome you could memorise your homework assignments.

        I would write mine down…badly… then when I came to do it, my notes didn’t make enough sense! lol

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