An Awesome Picture Compressor To Help Your Blog

I love helping out my fellow bloggers/website creators so today’s post is about another resource that can assist you 🙂

In an earlier post, I discussed how to use the free resource Website Grader, to give your website/blog a check-up.  The Website Grader checks everything from speed to security and allows you to fine-tune your website to make it great.


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Size Matters

One of the things Website Grader checks is Page Size.  Also known as Page Weight and refers to the size of a particular webpage.

The size is determined by the files needed to create that page such as HTML doc, images, scripts etc.

The bigger the page size, the slower things run.  This… is not good.

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The Need for Speed

People are not patient.  Nope, we just don’t want to wait for anything.  Apparently, we wait an extremely short amount of time for things to load before we abandon them in search for something better, faster.  And by short, I mean seconds!

Another issue is that Google has confirmed that site speed does affect search ranking.  So if your site takes ages to load, you are not exactly going to be highly ranked.

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Picture perfect

As writers, most of us will have websites / blogs and we all know that images are important.

They can often catch a reader and draw them in, especially if you use places like Instagram and Pinterest to give your website exposure.

Using smaller imagery is a quick way to reduce your page size and thus speed up your website.

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Free Resource

And this is where comes in.  This online compressor reduces the size of your images and photos drastically while maintaining high quality.  What more can you ask for?  Oh, and it’s free!

You simply click the Try It button, drag and drop your image (or browse and select) and watch as it is compressed.  It shows you in size and percentage how your picture has been compressed.  Below is one I did earlier.


Then, once it’s stopped compressing.  Simply select Download to re-save the newly compressed picture.

It does have a file size limit of 10Mb but that should be ample and as yet it does not have a bulk compression feature so you have to do your pictures one at a time, but they are working on the bulk feature.

The compressor supports the following files: PNG, JPEG, GIF, SVG.

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A quick note

This service is free and that’s because the creator of this is awesome and has felt the need to share it free.  However I do believe in supporting people and I don’t think it’s much to ask that if you use this service, that you consider donating.

It doesn’t have to be much, but we need to support the generous and talented people who share their skills with us in this way.

You can donate go to

~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~

I hope you found this useful and that some of you give it a try.  Whether that’s to increase the speed of your website or to free up some space on your computer with compressed pictures. 🙂

Check back on Wednesday for this week’s guest post and I’ll see you on Friday at 18:30 (GMT).

Happy writing


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4 thoughts on “An Awesome Picture Compressor To Help Your Blog

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  2. Thanks for this. Stupid question maybe but I’ve got a bit of ‘daft brain’ today: Do I need to find a copy of all my pictures on my computer or is there a way of taking them from the wordpress media gallery and then compressing them? I’ve deleted a lot of my original photos after posting them on my blog. I hope I made sense, lol

    1. Hmmm I’m not sure if you can pull them from the gallery. You may need to go to each of them on your blog, right clic, and save as onto your desktop.

      The compressor only does 1 picture at a time. They are still working on making it a multiple uploader

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