Avoiding a Meltdown: Backup your writing!

If you follow me on facebook you will know that I managed to kill my laptop this week when I spilt a whole cup of hot tea on it.

That was followed by a stress worrying whether my cloud had completed its last backup

So, for anyone who might be a clumsy as me, I am reposting this about backups to remind you all to keep your shit safe!!

Happy writing

Author Ari Meghlen Official Website

3d objectsEarly on in my writing, when I was just a young teenager I wrote a sci-fi novel. It was probably the most I’d ever written by that age and was spread over 2 floppy disks (ahhh showing my age now!)

As I shared a computer with the family I couldn’t save my work on the computer itself and so the only copy of the story was on floppy disks.

To my horror, one of them became corrupted. I lost over half the novel and was never able to retrieve it. There are no words to describe the feeling of loss when you lose your writing.

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3 thoughts on “Avoiding a Meltdown: Backup your writing!

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  2. Very good advice, Ari. I’m not as good at backing up as I should be, I suppose. While I’m actively working on a book or something I do pretty good with it but get lazier when it’s just little bits and pieces here and there.

    Off to check to see if I’ve backed up some of the bits and pieces. 😃

    1. Thanks for the comment Pearl. Lol i know what you mean, i think backing up is one of those non-interesting parts of writing and is easy to put to the back of the to do pile.

      I have several Gb of story notes, scenes etc so definitely should have been checking it head backed up (which thankfully it had) but it is so easy to lose our digital data with on (very stupid) act.

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