Featured Images - The Merry Writer Podcast. Photo of a microphone.

Ep 011 | The Merry Writer Podcast

Sooo… it’s my “Rest Week” this week and that usually means I sort all the week’s posts, social media etc the week before.

Not sure what happened, but apparently I completely forgot to set up the Podcast Episode post to go live yesterday.  Which is why I am currently writing this on Thursday. 

June Goals 2020 | Monthly Goals

May was a strange month, I was super productive and yet didn’t clear all my goals.  That was because I went a little crazy on one goal in particular in order to get it finished because I couldn’t stand it “hanging around” in my goals list any more.

Featured Images - The Merry Writer Podcast. Photo of a microphone.

Ep 010 | The Merry Writer Podcast

It’s Podcast day, people!  It’s our 10th episode and today we have our very first guest joining us on the podcast!  Woohoo! 

We managed to convince our friend and fellow author, Kerri Davidson to join us and give her views on today’s question, which is:

“What is the best and worst thing about writing?”

Why It Is Super Important To Audit Your Blog

Bloggers, when was the last time you gave your blog an audit?  If you’ve been following my monthly goals, you’ll be aware that I’ve been “updating” my older blog posts. 

This has been a mammoth of a task as I had around 400 posts I wanted to go back through and check.  While this seems like the behaviour of a crazy person, I assure you it was important.

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