Podcast Ep. 045 Names in Books. The Merry Writer Podcast. Image of a microphone

Ep 045 | The Merry Writer Podcast

Oops!  Sorry guys, I set this post up and then... forgot to schedule it!  Oh well, better late than never. On today's yesterday's podcast episode, it's all about names!  As writers we deal with names all the time, our names (real or pen name) but also names in our stories - character names, place names, name of our book. So today's question is: "How Do You Come Up With Names In Your Book?"

Podcast Ep. 043 Build A Following. The Merry Writer Podcast - image of a microphone

Ep 043 | The Merry Writer Podcast

You can't turn around without being told you need to be on social media, that it's the best place to connect with your readers and potential readers!  But just how do you get that all important following!  After all, there are millions of users on each platform so that makes it harder to be found in the sea of voices.  We break down our tips for doing just that. "How Do You Build A Following On Social Media?"