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Why I’m Trying A New System

Over the last few days, I was knocked me clean off my feet by illness (no, it wasn't Covid) I was left with excessive amounts of time to think (my partner was not big on me “just doing a few things”...especially since I couldn’t even get the strength to get out of bed).

With the help of my phone and my ever-growing Trello To Do List, I got myself into a real gump.  Every time I felt like I am making progress, something hits me and I fall back to the start like I'm playing an endlessly infuriating game of Snakes and Ladders...

October Goals 2021 | Monthly Goals

September was a really tough month, busy but also with some family stress, a continuing bout of SAD Syndrome and one of my beloved cats got very sick. He was at the vets a lot, had a number of examinations, tests and procedures, lost a lot of weight and had to stay over. We did get to bring him home and have been trying to get him eating, he’s still not out of the woods yet but we are hopeful at this time. But it’s been emotionally draining.

Does an Author Really Need a Social Media Platform?

Check out this great article by editor Lynda Dietz on whether authors need social media platforms.

Writers After Dark

Ask the Editor Series, Q16

WAD Ask Lynda CartoonQ: I’ve heard authors should always have a platform. Is that really necessary for success?

A1: It can certainly make you look taller, and many tall people appear more commanding and therefore successful. Go, shawty!

A2: Ohh . . . a social media platform. Well, that’s different.

Think of your favorite author of fiction or nonfiction. Whoever it is, they’re probably readily found on the internet. All it takes is a handful of keystrokes and you can read about them or read their work.

Whether you’re a self-published (indie) author, published with a small press, or signed up with one of the bigger publishing houses, you’ve probably heard about the importance of having an author platform. Do you have one? Do you know what an author platform is? Let’s talk about it.

What’s a platform, anyway?

Having a platform is a general way of…

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