Taking a short break

I’m currently back in England visiting friends and family, so I’m taking a little break from blogging.  Travelling and being around so many people for extended periods takes a lot out of me.

There will be no post on Sunday either but I’ll be back on Monday.

There will be a delay in replying to comments, but I always appreciate that you guys take the time to message me.  I’ll reply when I get back home.


Taking a short break. Be back soon. Image from Pixabay

Why you need to be confident about your writing

How many of you talk with confidence about your writing?  Writers, in general, are often introverted and struggle to discuss their work.  Not to mention, when we do, many of us find it hard to speak with confidence or pride.

Instead, we divert attention away or mumble something incoherently, or sometimes just blurt out bits about our writing and then collapse inwards as if we have no right to feel good about what we do.

So today we’re talking about confidence.

Why you need to be confident about your writing. Image from Pixabay


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8 Quick Ways to be Awesomely Efficient

There is probably quite a bit of irony to the fact I’m writing about being efficient, while currently being my least-efficient-self. 

I’m normally an efficient, organised person.  However, since the last 4 months have been pretty rough, I lost my edge.

So this article is to remind myself about what I SHOULD be doing and to give all you readers out there who may struggle with productivity and efficiency, a little boost too 🙂

8 quick ways to be awesomely efficient

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