Ep 008 | The Merry Writer Podcast

Ready for a new episode of The Merry Writer Podcast?  A rather giddy Episode 008 is now available to listen and for today’s question, we did a silly one simply asking:

“What is your go-to snack & drink when writing?”

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Episode 008


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9 thoughts on “Ep 008 | The Merry Writer Podcast

  1. Well I buy trail mix or make my own trail mix, ostensibly because I want a snack that is healthy. It tastes too good and I consume too much, so it, like Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers, is best left sitting on the grocery store shelves. 🙂

    1. I’ve never had trail mix, I don’t ever remember seeing it – might be a US thing again. Isn’t it a mix of like nuts and dried fruit?

      Okay, now I REALLY want some goldfish crackers!

      1. There are various ways to make or buy it Ari – some people call it “GORP” which is the acronym for “good ol’ raisins and peanuts” but it can be more, by adding cashews, pistachios, pumpkin seeds plus other dried fruit, mostly cranberries, nothing gooey, and some trail mixes include plain M&Ms too. I don’t put those in mine (not because I’m an angel, but because I’d stand and pick them out and eat them). I love Goldfish crackers and am addicted to them, so having them around is just too tempting. I figure they are baked and whole grain (the type I buy) so how bad could that be?? I don’t eat sweets, gave them up a while ago and only occasionally have something for a holiday or special occasion.

      2. I’m not a big sweets fan enough, I am partial to biscuits (what you would call cookies, I believe), though I am trying to keep those to a minimum. Wow, it sounds like trail mix would be something I’d like – I may have to make some up myself. Thanks 🙂

      3. I don’t bake and since it’s just me, I don’t usually have sweets around, so it’s easy that way. I grew up in Canada and their stores sold a sweetmeal biscuit known as “Digestives”. They were really good and we used to stock up on them when we went back to visit my grandmother. They have some knockoffs here (mostly for babies) but not quite the same. Yes, do try the trail mix Ari – there are lots of recipes you can find for it.

      4. Oooh I love Digestives, we have them here and even chocolate digestives! 😀 No wonder I struggle with my sweet tooth 😉

      5. I’ve never had the chocolate ones – covered in chocolate or an actual chocolate biscuit? There are not too many cookies or biscuits that have no sugar, yet taste good and are satisfying.

      6. No problem Ari and I looked on good ol’ Amazon and yes, they carry the original Digestives, as well as the chocolate ones you mentioned. I think I am going to treat myself for the holidays.

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