How to avoid a Deus ex Machina in writing

Following a few days of watching bad movies that each seemed to feature a deus ex machina, I decided today’s topic should be all about how we as writers can avoid them in our stories. 

Title Image: How to avoid a deus ex machina in writing. Image: illustration of a head full of cogs

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How to write realistic Sex Scenes (pt.1)

Firstly, let’s make something clear.  This tutorial is about writing sex scenes in fiction NOT writing erotica.

For those who don’t know the difference, erotica is literature written specifically to excite.  Erotica has very basic plots that are moved along with sexual acts. 

This tutorial is about writing sex scenes within regular fiction (leaning, as usual, more towards fantasy fiction).

Secondly, while my examples will portray heterosexuals many of the techniques, issues and suggestions can be adapted for homosexual sex scenes as well.

Thirdly, these sex scene tutorials became popular on DeviantArt than I expected and while the majority of peoples notes and comments seemed to suggest they found these useful in their writing, I did get a lot of notes from people who went into a lot of graphic detail about their own stories…which in my eyes were erotica.

While I am fine with sex scenes in books (if they work and do something for the plot/character development) I have no interest to be reading erotic plot lines or heavily gratuitous scenes.

All my thoughts on writing sex scenes will be listed here and in the second part of this tutorial.  Please don’t ask me to read your sex scenes for my advice.


banner how to write realistic sex scenes pt 1, photo of a man and woman kissing on a bed

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