How to build your world: Economy

I’m back with another World Builder article.  So far I’ve already covered several topics including landscapes, races, habitats, transport and more.  So today’s topic is about creating an economy in your world and what aspects you might want to consider.

Title Image: World Builder Series: How to build your world: Economy. Image: Jar of money with a plant growing out the top. Growth

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Writers, learn how to talk to people

It’s Monday so that means it’s time for another Monday Marketing post.  Today I want to discuss the how not to talk to people.  In a marketing sense, there are definitely some right and wrong ways to deal with people.

A quick thanks to all those who sent supportive messages, following my last blog post.  I am feeling better and I’m sorry I had to miss Friday’s post. 

Writers, learn how to talk to people. How NOT to sell your book.

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GP: Believable vs Realistic Fight Scenes by Wilmar Luna

For my first guest poster of the year, I can think of no one better than my awesome friend Wilmar Luna, author of The Silver Ninja.  I am lucky enough to be a beta reader to his novel and I’m loving it.  In this article, Wilmar discusses believable vs realistic fight scenes.  Enjoy!       

Wilmar Closeup Headshot B&W small2Believable vs Realistic Fight Scenes

by Wilmar Luna

Hello everyone!  I’d like to thank Ari for once again inviting me to guest post on her blog. The last time I stopped by I spoke of failure and finding the motivation to recover from a disastrous beta read.

Now that my book is scheduled to be released this year (the one which had a disastrous beta read) I finally decided on a topic I think would be useful for aspiring authors.

It’ll also be great promotion for my book which I have been reluctant to do because I didn’t see the point in a promoting a book 3 years away from being published.

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