How NOT to write a Mary Sue

How not to write a mary sueWait a minute, is this a post on a Tuesday? Yes it is! The reason is that I wanted all my older tutorials that had originally been on my dA page to be listed here. This is the last so now it’s up I can go on submitting new tutorials.

Don’t worry, there will still be a new post this Friday. For those who haven’t read this before, consider it a bonus post 🙂

So, what is a Mary Sue?

It is used as a form of criticism in literature and refers to an idealised and somewhat “perfect” character. One that appears to have no flaws or if they do they are so limited that all the “perfect” characteristics overwhelm them, making the character “flat.”
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Think About Your Readers

Think about your readers

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Maybe it seems a little weird to point out that writers should think about their readers… but I’ve seen enough stories dotted around the internet to know it needs to be said.

Okay, let’s step back one second – if you are writing for the sheer love of writing and care only about entertaining yourself and never showing your work to anyone ever, great. You don’t need to consider the reader (because you already know “you”, right?)

However if your writing will actually be released from the death grip you hold it in, and be sent out into the world to be published, to be read… then you do need to think about those people who will be your readers.

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How to Kill off Characters

GravestonesSince my last tutorials were about fight scenes and battles & wars, I thought it might be prudent that this one would be about killing off characters.

Many writers state that they are very connected to their characters. This is not surprising, for writers we build worlds, we create people and animals and imbue them with a form of life.

We let them live in our heads and think on them often. How can you not become to connected to people who live with you that closely.
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Writing Sex Scenes (part 1)


writing sex scenes.Firstly, let’s make something clear. This tutorial is about writing sex scenes NOT erotica. For those who don’t know the difference, erotica is literature written specifically to excite. Erotica has very basic plots that are moved along with sexual acts. This tutorial is about writing sex scenes within regular fiction (leaning as usual more towards fantasy fiction).

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Making up a language

LanguageThis blog post was suggested by YokoNakajima from deviantART. Big thanks for suggesting 🙂

Having a different language in your story can be tricky, after all languages are not so easily created. Let’s take English as an example (since I’m English). This language has changed many times over the centuries.

We had a Celtic language that had a nice mix of Latin from when the Roman’s invaded. Then when people came over from Germany/Denmark they brought with them their Germanic language that got nicely thrown in as well.

Follow that up with a little Saxon invasion, then a Norman invasion. The Normans’ language was very similar to French, which is the reason we still have certain French words in our language today such as bureau and etiquette to name a few. So, many of our words have French origins.

Mini trivia: The word Dandelion is a good example. It comes from Dent de Lion meaning Lion’s tooth in French due to the jagged leaves.

We have language of Shakespeare, the Queen’s English, not to mention the different dialects all over this small island that mean one word in one area means something very different in another area!

So right away you can see how messy languages can be when developing.
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Dealing with noise in a communal writing space

Dealing with noise, noisy environmentsBefore I move onto Getting Organised Part 2 I thought I would drop in a quick post:

The lovely Firestarawesome from Deviantart dropped me a comment regarding writing space. In my last blog post I mentioned getting your writing space organised, tidy and removing / reducing distractions.

Firestarawesome writes:

 “Very helpful tutorial. Sadly, I don’t have a writing space and I can’t find one myself, as my computer is planted in the living room; the room full of talking and noisiness. It really puts a hinder on my mood. Do you have any advice besides listening to music? I really want to be able to write in my room, but I can’t move my PC without asking my parents, and they’ll say ‘no’. :/”

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