How do I find time to write?

Manage your time, organise your time, organize your time, get organisedI thought I’d write about it finding time! I have done articles on time-management before, but there’s always more to say.

Finding Time sounds so strange, as if rooting between the sofa cushions may yield a few extra scraps of time we didn’t know we had. 🙂

Someone recently asked whether they could make money from writing full time. In truth almost all writers want to write full time. Who doesn’t want to get paid doing what they love?

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Writing a large cast of characters

People sitting in an audienceYes… I am back to writing tutorials and actually getting them out on the right day! Huzzah!

So today I want to talk about large casts! By large casts I am talking about main and secondary characters (not the odd village baker passing through a random scene, never to be heard from again.)

The fantasy novel I have left floundering in a drawer (at 220,000 words… I really should get back to that) had a large cast. It followed several groups of people through numerous subplots (I promise to get to a subplot tutorial soon!) and when I eventually return to it, will have more coming in by the second book.

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Simple writing tips

Simple writing tips.jpgThese are just a few simple tips that will help you in your writing.

Get Other Things Done First – If you have something else that needs doing and it can be done first, just do it. Especially if you might be chased about it from a family member. It can be better to start writing without that chore/requirements etc having over you. If you promised to walk the dog, or mow the lawn or do the laundry, do it.

If you didn’t promise and nothing is going to get chased, that’s fine. Don’t give people a reason to interrupt you.

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Story Ideas – The Song of the Muses

ideas, growing ideasIdeas are the life force of the writer. Without them we starve (figuratively). So, when you get an idea you need to grab it and never let go.

The Magic Well
I am always surprised when new writers ask me “where do your ideas come from?” I have heard this question asked to professional novelists as well, it is probably the most common question asked and from amateur writers, it seemed strange.

I sometimes think that new writers believe all other writers have access to a secret magic well where we throw in a silver coin and wish for a new plot.
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