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Why You Need to Include Diversity in Your Novel

The last time I wrote this article, it didn't save and instead published just my brain-dump notes, lol. Let's try this again! 🙂  I have re-written the article and double-checked that it saved. So, today's article is all about diversity in your novel and why it's important.  It was a recent article by guest writer, Simon Farnell, that made me realised I had never gone back to this one.

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March Round-up: 5 cool articles I want to share

What's this!? A Monday post that's not Marketing? Don't worry, I promise Monday Marketing will be back next week. However, I decided to shake things up a bit. So now, the last Monday of each month will be a Round-up of articles I have enjoyed during the month. There are so many awesome blogs and writers out there, I want to share some of those with you each month.