11 questions writers get asked

WritersLifeWriters often get asked questions when people find out we write. Some questions are okay, some are understandable and some are down right annoying. These are all questions I’ve been asked at one time or another. o.O

You’re a writer? (usually with surprise) What have you written?

It’s an honest question but for many writers there is not an easy answer. If you’re published you can mention your book. If you aren’t then things get more complicated. You can mentioned the genres or state that you’ve written a manuscript or two. Or that you are working on a manuscript.

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Guest post: Really Easy to be Overwhelmed

It’s Tuesday so you know that means we are joined by a guest poster and this week’s poster is the wonderful Jaye Marie who discusses being overwhelmed – a topic I can completely understand right now. Enjoy 🙂

jayeReally Easy to be Overwhelmed

by Jaye Marie

I had made the decision to take a break from fiction this year, and already I know I will miss it.

The last few years have been pretty manic, almost destroying my passion for writing. I am 73 years old and half of a writing partnership, which means I am also an editor, proof-reader, promoter, publisher and marketer of our nine books.

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Guest Post: Be afraid to give up, not to fail

This week’s guest post is the wonderful Wilmar, author of The Silver Ninja series. I am very pleased to have Wilmar guesting on this blog as very early on when I started The Eternal Scribbler blog, he reached out and sent me a very kind and supportive message which meant a lot, especially as I had been struggling and was not even sure if I should keep the blog going.

This will actually be a 2 parter post as Wilmar also answered some interview questions and I’ll be posting them tomorrow, so do check back!

Wilmar.jpgBe afraid to give up, not to fail

by Wilmar Luna

The thing author’s chase most, is often the same thing which paralyzes them into inaction. Perfection. When we don’t achieve perfection, when every sentence, every scene, every conflict is dripping with mediocrity, we surrender.

“I know that this scene has a strong emotional moment, but I don’t know how to write it.” When we cannot find the words to elicit the emotion we want in a scene, a character, a moment, we feel like what?

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How to deal with invading story ideas

invadingstoryideasI’ve talked about ideas before – you may remember my Song of the Muses post. However I want to discuss the invasion of stories.

I don’t know about you, but my muse doesn’t wait until I’ve finished a novel before she bashes me over the head with another idea.

☆ Muse Attack ☆

Case in point, while driving to work this week, I was suddenly accosted by a whole new story. The protagonist was fully formed and named (thought I wasn’t keen on the character’s surname…every attempt to rename her failed and so I have kept it as it came to me).

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Guest post: “Write what you know” (part 1)

This week’s guest poster is the lovely author Nathalie Andrews who discusses that prickly topic of “write what you know.” Please note this is a 2 part article so check back tomorrow for the second half 🙂 Enjoy!

Nathalie.jpg“Write What You Know” (part 1)

By Nathalie Andrews

We’ve all heard the advice. If we’ve experienced something the chances are we will have a clearer understanding of it and, in turn, that means we’ll be better able to write about it. Right?

But what if you want to write about something completely different – a character from another time, another culture, a fantastical world? There are two things to think about: how could you write them well? And should you write them at all?

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Dealing with hate

Angry ManToday I decided to talk about hate. Now, this article is not about those frustrating haters we meet in our lives as writers who just pour their steaming hate all over us and our work… we can cover that festering pit of hell another time.

This is about the worst hater. This is about dealing with those insidious moments when YOU hate your work.

Maybe you’re reading this, scoffing to yourself (because who doesn’t like a good scoff) that you have never and could never hate your awesome, world-changing writing.

Well, to that I say, Buckle up Buttercup because eventually you will plunge head-first into the dark valley of soul-ripping hatred for both your work and yourself for WRITING that work.

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Guest Post: Am I really a Writer?

This week’s guest poster is the lovely Sabrina Peppe , a new writer who I was lucky enough to come across recently. Enjoy!

Am I Really A Writer?

by Sabrina Peppe

Guest poster - Sabrina

I am not very confident and don’t post a lot of selfies – bit here I am  🙂

I love to write, I always have!  But then why when I try to do a Blog Post, work on my very beginning stage book, or interact with a social media response or statement – I can’t!

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Things Writers shouldn’t do


Today I thought I would share my thoughts with you on what writer’s shouldn’t do.

As always, these are just my opinions so feel free to ignore / disregard if you feel the need.

This is not a massively comprehensive list, there are many things writers shouldn’t do. Like don’t tackle a policeman to the ground just to see what it’s like to be arrested. That should be considered a no-no.

So let’s get to it, Ari’s Things Writers Shouldn’t Do…

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Best time of day to write

Clock day and night concept

I have been asked what the “best time of day” to write is. Now I did find this question strange, because like many things, this is writer specific. There does seem to be the popular concept that all writers are night owls who fervently write during the wee hours.

Well I can say that we don’t all write at night. Some writers are complete Night Owls and get their best mojo going in those wee hours, however some don’t. So don’t think you have to stay up late to be a writer.

Remember all writers are different. Some write in the evening, some the morning, some during the day, others at random times. Not to mention it changes!

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