How to build your world: Economy

I’m back with another World Builder article.  So far I’ve already covered several topics including landscapes, races, habitats, transport and more.  So today’s topic is about creating an economy in your world and what aspects you might want to consider.

Title Image: World Builder Series: How to build your world: Economy. Image: Jar of money with a plant growing out the top. Growth

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How to build your world: Habitat

In case you missed last Friday’s post, I confirmed I was resurrecting my World Builder Series.  So for (most of) the next several Fridays, the topics I write about will all be on World Building.

I personally like going deep into World Building for my fantasy stories so these posts may cover a lot of concepts and questions that aren’t always thought about.  

All my earlier articles in this series are located in World Builder.

Title Image - World Builder: How to build your world: Habitat.

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