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How to Build your World: Religion

Yes, it’s time for another World Builder article. Today’s post is all about Religion in your world. If you missed any of my earlier World Builder articles you can find them here – World Builder series. Disclaimer: Okay since I’m discussing religions, one of those topics they say never to discuss, I just want to add that nothing I right here is done so to offend. This article is just about creating religions in fantasy worlds.

World Building: Landscapes. World Builder. Image of 3D vector world - from Deposit Photos.

How To Build Your World: Landscapes (Pt 1)

I'm back with another post in my World Builder Series. This has turned out to be one of my most popular series'.  🙂 In the last article we covered The Sun and the Seasons.  Okay, so today, let’s talk about some of the basics of landscape.  Please note this is part 1,  so watch out for a part 2 popping up. We are going to look at our planet.  The Earth has numerous geological processes that are happening within and upon it continuously.