World Building : Fauna

FaunaSo we are back with the World Building Series again. Last week I covered Flora and this week, it’s Fauna.

(I am loving the animal picture I found for this weeks post. 🙂 )

As I assume you know or can guess from the animal picture, Fauna is animals.

If you are building a world, the chances are you are going to want animals. Even ice planets can have species (think Tauntauns from Hoth).

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World Building: Atmosphere

World Building Atmosphere.jpgSo, I’m finally back around to my World Building Series again. If you missed the earlier ones I’ve covered The Sun & Seasons, Landscapes and Water.

Today I’m going to discuss atmosphere.

Let’s get the basics out the way (yup, it’s another science lesson. Just go with it people)

What is atmosphere?

It’s a layer of gas that circles the planet. Actually it’s a mix of different gases and it’s held in place by gravity.

Earth’s atmosphere contains around 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, 1% argon and trace amounts of other gases such as carbon dioxide, neon, helium, hydrogen, ozone and others.

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World Building: Landscape

globe concept of idyllic green worldOkay, let’s talk about some basics of landscape.

The Earth has numerous geological processes that are happening within and upon it continuously. Heat from the accretion of the planet is continually lost and so this ongoing loss of heat is what drives these processes.

Why is this important?

Plate Tectonics

The Earth’s crust is made up of giant “plates”. They are generated and destroyed by this heat we just discussed. New plates are created at the divergent (constructive) plate boundary. This is where the hot rock that is heated at the Earth’s core rises up. The tectonic plates are pushed apart and rising magma (the melted rock) from the mantle reaches the surface.

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