Some important basics

Here are just some basic thoughts for those who wish to be writers. (NB: If you have read this before when I posted it on DeviantArt, please note I have extended it). 🙂

Novelists can and do break the rules of grammar, however this should not be done in a blasé manner.  There is a difference between breaking rules for artistic value and being ignorant of those rules in the first place.

It’s a common misconception that if you send in a badly written story that’s really good plot/character wise that a publisher will accept it and have the Editor sort out all the grammar/spelling.  What is more likely, is it will be sent back to you possibly not even fully read.
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Getting organised – Part 1

Organising, OrganizingIn the last article I discussed organising your life outside of your writing work, now let’s move onto getting organised for writing.

Every writer is different and so not all suggestion here for organising yourself will work for you. However here is how I do it that you may find useful.

Firstly, for every new novel I start a new computer folder. Give your novel (or series) a name. Whether you write short stories, sonnets or huge novels TITLES are important. If you can’t think of one you like use a “Working Title” but at least you have something.

If you write novels, give your novels a title – if you write novel series, give the SERIES a title. That way the individual novels can become numbers until you’ve got your individual titles.
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