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8 Weird And Wonderful Bad Habits I Have

No guest post today so I thought I would give you a little post about me.  After so many people enjoyed my post “I am Bad at Being an Adult” I decided to write this.

As well as being a pretty rubbish adult, despite being in the middle of my third decade… I have some annoying habits to go with that bad adulting.

Maybe you will read some of these and realise you do them too…and that I’m not just alone in my crazy.

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Interview With Writer Morgan Ré

As mentioned recently, I am having some mid-week posts done by generous guest posters.

This week’s guest poster is the wonderful Morgan from the blog Allnighterwriter, she has finished her manuscript so I decided to do an interview-style post with her so she could share her wisdom.

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What is the Best Time of Day to Write

I have been asked what the “best time of day” to write is.  Now I did find this question strange because, like many things, this is writer specific. 

There does seem to be the popular concept that all writers are night owls who fervently write during the wee hours.

Well, I can say that we don’t all write at night.  So don’t think you have to stay up late to be a writer.

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