GP: Top 5 Reasons Why Your Book Cover is Not Successful by Olivia Mibl

This week’s guest poster is different.  Instead of an author, we have the lovely Olivia from Mibl Art, who designs artwork including book cover designs.  Here she discusses why your book cover is not successful.

titleEvery year, you can observe a tendency of increasing the purchase of books on various platforms as Amazon, Lulu, IngramSpark, Smashword.

If to be attentive you can see the struggle among writers to be titled as a bestseller. And competition is a great motivation to achieve the goals!

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Judging book covers: The Headless

You may have noticed there was no guest post this week, it had to be rescheduled so I thought I would jump on the Fiction Writers Blog Hop.  May’s topic was book covers.

Now, like almost everyone, I totally judge a book by its cover.  I mean, who the hell doesn’t?  It’s (usually) the first thing you see and as mostly visual creatures we are drawn to what we like.

Fiction Writers Blog Hop. Judging Book Covers: The Headless Hero. What I hate about some book covers

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