Guest Post: Why Do You Write?

It’s Tuesday, so you know what that means! Guest post day! This week’s guest poster is the lovely Rachel Poli who answers the question “Why do you write.”

RachelWhy do you write?

by Rachel Poli

I think anybody can write. While it’s not an easy task or even easy to get into if you take it seriously enough to have it your full-time career, I do believe anyone can be a writer.

Whether you write in a journal before bed each night, you recreate your favorite characters through fan fiction, or let your imagination lose in a notebook for your eyes only or online for the world, you’re a writer.

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What’s your goal?

Typewriter Whats Your Goal

I know I said on Facebook that I would be coming back to my World Building Series, I will I promise, just not today.

Yesterday I spend the afternoon/evening advising my sister-(not yet)in-law on how to write a business plan and brainstorming her business idea. (That was the reason I’m late to blog – sorry people!)

As I was doing it this post came to me.

Business Plans are a structured description of your idea, how you will manage it, how you will finance the idea, how you see it growing and expanding, the risks involved, how to minimise those risks etc etc.

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Avoiding a Meltdown: Backup your writing!

3d objectsEarly on in my writing, when I was just a young teenager I wrote a sci-fi novel. It was probably the most I’d ever written by that age and was spread over 2 floppy disks (ahhh showing my age now!)

As I shared a computer with the family I couldn’t save my work on the computer itself and so the only copy of the story was on floppy disks.

To my horror, one of them became corrupted. I lost over half the novel and was never able to retrieve it. There are no words to describe the feeling of loss when you lose your writing.
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So you want to be a writer?

Blank page, how to startGreat! The world could always use more writers!

Throughout the many years I have been writing my stories I have gleaned some personal thoughts on what (I think) you could do with to help you become a writer. Here they are:


Writing is not an innate skill, there are some people who are gifted at spinning the tale, some who have to sweat blood to be considered good at their craft, but whether it comes easily or not we ALL have to practice. You can’t be a concert pianist by just tinkling chopsticks all day – that will get you nowhere! (It will also annoy people!)
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