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How I Am Tackling My TBR List

Every reader I know has an ever-growing To Be Read list. With the ease of ebook publishing, now more than ever can you get your hands on cheap, easily stored books.

We all joke about the mountain of books, both digital and physical, that we continue to build without reading.

But as a writer, I want to actually read the books I have, not just collect them. After all, I want people to read MY books when they come out rather than have them languishing on someone’s TBR list.

So, I needed a plan!

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12 Days of Christmas Book Tag

I’ve been a little frazzled with so much happening in the last two months.  So my well-laid plan for this blog kinda took a stumble.

So today, I thought I’d just do something simple and fun.  Here are the 12 Days of Christmas Book Tag I found.

This tag was started by Nicola over at The Fantastic Book Dragon.