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Is It Time For You To Do a Rebrand?

Welcome back to another Monday Marketing post! Today I’ve been thinking about branding.

Now as writers, we don’t always remember to think about our branding but it is important. I’ve discussed being consistent in your branding, but what about the idea of rebranding?

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How To Tempt Your Readers With a Sample of Writing

It’s Monday Marketing Time.  For those who don’t know, I’ve been running blog posts on Mondays discussing different methods for writers to market their books. 

Marketing is one of those areas many writers struggle with so I’m here to offer marketing ideas and suggestion.

Today’s Monday Marketing post is all about sharing a little something with your readers to help create connections and build that all-important fan base.

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Writers, Learn How To Talk To People

It’s Monday so that means it’s time for another Monday Marketing post.  Today I want to discuss how not to talk to people. 

In a marketing sense, there are definitely some right and wrong ways to deal with people.

A quick thanks to all those who sent supportive messages, following my last blog post.  I am feeling better and I’m sorry I had to miss Friday’s post. 

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