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Writers, 9 Important Things You Need To Know About Marketing

It's Monday, so here's another Marketing post. Whether your self-published or traditionally published, some marketing is going to be your responsibility.  There seem to be some strange ideas going around the writing community by those who are aiming to be published through a traditional publishing house, the main one being that they, the writer, will not have to do ANY marketing because the publisher will do it all.  Hate to break it to you, if you think this, but that's not how it's done now. So, here are 9 things you need to know about Marketing.

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Why You Need To Know Your Audience

If I asked you who your book was aimed at, could you tell me?  These may not seem important to some writers, but I can tell you that knowing your audience is extremely important.  Knowing who is your audience is needed for things like choosing a Beta Reader or asking for ARC (Advance Reader Copy) reviews not to mention when it comes to actually sell your published book.