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Why Personal Branding and Exposure are Important

I recently had a conversation with someone on social media about “gaining exposure”. They informed me that there was no point in them gaining exposure as they didn’t have a book out.

Okay, so I’ve mentioned it before but I need to say it again for the cheap seats at the back, “you should still look at getting exposure before you are published!!”

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How To Make Use Of Locations In Your Book Marketing

For today’s Monday Marketing blog, I want to discuss using locations in your writing as a way of being creative in your marketing! 🙂

Is it shocking that I actually enjoy writing these Marketing posts?  When I first started it was to help solidify my own marketing ideas as well as help others, as I know so many writers either hate marketing, don’t know where to start or just try and avoid it.

I wanted to show that there are lots of ways to market your book and they can actually be fun.  So, depending on the type of stories you write, you may have opened yourself up to some interesting and creative options for marketing.

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