Traditionally publishing? Yes, you still need to do marketing

This post has been churning in my head for a while.  I’ve had a number of writers tell me openly that they want to go traditionally published so they “don’t have to do marketing”.

There are many good reasons to go the traditionally published route, unfortunately, this is not one of them.  Gone are the days when a traditionally published author would get to sit back and let the publishing house sort all the marketing.

Traditionally publishing?  Yes, you still need to do marketing.  Image: Books on a shelf

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It’s happened! I’ve actually started a Newsletter

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Yes, I have finally managed to get myself organised and my newsletter set-up is now launched!  You will probably see a few banners around and the odd pop-up.

Free Stuff, you say?

We all love free stuff. 

So, who am I not to jump on the bandwagon and give you something free (whether you want it or not)!

When you sign-up for my newsletter you will get a free downloadable copy of The Mini Plotter Workbook that I made.

The Mini Plotter Workbook by Ari Meghlen

What sort of malarkey will be in these Newsletters?

Good question! 

I will try and keep them full of different and interesting things and they will most likely include random collections of:

  • Book reviews and recommendations
  • Sneak peeks into my books and any updates on my writing projects
  • Beta-reader and ARC reviewer openings
  • Info on my writing processes
  • Fun facts about me, my worlds (and the odd cat photo)
  • and anything else I can think of 🙂

Also, please share your thoughts on what you want to see in these newsletters.  I want your input people, so start…you know…inputting.

(Also, do let me know if anything doesn’t work such as links/graphics/if you don’t get the freebie email!  Seriously people, I need to know!)

Anything else?

You want more?  Sheesh! 

Okay well, all you awesome people on my mailing list will be given first notification of any contests, giveaways and promotions I run.

You’ll also get access to The Library on this blog where I will be adding extra content including exclusive free downloadables as I create them.  See!  More free stuff.

What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

Brownie points for anyone who got that quote ref without having to Google it. 

I will be sending my newsletter out once a month, last Tuesday of the Month.  Trust me I don’t think I could manage any more than that!

On the odd occasion, there may be an extra one or two emails that appear sporadically but that will really only be if I have some big announcement or I’m running a giveaway.

Oh and don’t worry, I don’t do spam because well… I’m a vegetarian. :p

So…are you interested?

I hope you are! 

Click the banner below to subscribe (will take you to a landing page), revel in your freebie (that should pop up in your emails, do give it a few minutes and check your spam!) and then sit back and wait for the next thrilling installment.

Ari Meglen newsletter banner

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Don’t worry, whether you sign up for my newsletter or not I will still continue to crank out new content on this blog every week.   Except this week, because I really needed a break 🙂

Thanks for all your patience this week, regular scheduling will resume on Monday.

Happy writing & have a great weekend

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