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How To Tempt Your Readers With a Sample of Writing

It's Monday Marketing Time.  For those who don't know, I've been running blog posts on Mondays discussing different methods for writers to market their books. 

Marketing is one of those areas many writers struggle with so I'm here to offer marketing ideas and suggestion.

Today's Monday Marketing post is all about sharing a little something with your readers to help create connections and build that all-important fan base.

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When Should You Become Present Online? Marketing For Authors by Mandi Lynn

This week's guest post is the awesome author Mandi Lynn, who has kindly offered to share her thoughts on marketing for authors.  Enjoy! Time for another lesson on Marketing for Authors! Like always, if you haven’t covered The Basics yet, please be sure to read my blog post/watch the video. Today I wanted to talk …

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Writers, Why You Seriously Need a Marketing Plan

I'm back with a Monday Marketing post.  So let's talk about our Marketing plan.

One writer I spoke to informed me that they hadn't really gotten any ideas for marketing and just wanted to get lots of their books published.  The thinking behind this tactic was "if I write it, they will come."

Now, this is one way to go, however, if you want to be a professional writer, sell your books, then you do yourself a disservice if you don't at least consider some form of marketing.

After all, there are millions of books published, even if you wrote loads, by would it be likely they someone would randomly find them over anyone elses?