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Why I’m Trying A New System

Over the last few days, I was knocked me clean off my feet by illness (no, it wasn't Covid) I was left with excessive amounts of time to think (my partner was not big on me “just doing a few things”...especially since I couldn’t even get the strength to get out of bed). With the help of my phone and my ever-growing Trello To Do List, I got myself into a real gump.  Every time I felt like I am making progress, something hits me and I fall back to the start like I'm playing an endlessly infuriating game of Snakes and Ladders...

How To Get Back On Track

How To Get Back On Track

If you have been following this blog for a while, you will probably be aware that my life has been derailed by situations, events and the never-ending house rennovations! Things like this happen, they rise up like damp and drag all your time, focus and energy until you're just a dried up husk, a HUSK I say!!  And while you are dealing with these big issues, other things have to be put on hold.  But what happens when you are finally able to get back to those things on hold?