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Writer, Need Inspiration? Here Are Three Ways To Get It

Oh yeah, I’m still barely functioning so I’m sorry there’s no article from me. But I hate leaving this blog unattended. So I am sharing other people’s wisdom, enjoy this article by Robert Evenhouse at ParttimeNovel.com. Be patient with me, unless I suddenly drop dead, I will be back.


If you’ve been writing for a while, you’ve been there – the dark forest of writing.

There are no words here, no progress, only suffocating doubt and self-loathing. Every writer has experienced this before and just when we think this feeling will never surface it’s ugly face again, there it is.

Getting stuck is easy.

Stopping halfway through a book is normal.

But how do you get unstuck?

Are there elements that a writer can incorporate into their life so that these valleys are few and not as dark and deep?

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Yes. Here are three ways to get inspired again. These will also reinforce the writer that is on the mountaintop of inspiration.


Austin Kleon is a connector. He repackages ideas and makes them accessible. One of his ideas is described in his book Show Your Work!. It is the idea of Scenius

He claims…

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ReBlog: How To Handle The Slow Burn Story

Since I had no guest poster set up for this week, I thought I would share someone else’s wisdom with a reblog instead! Check out this great article from BlondeWriteMore Blog.

Lucy Mitchell

This is something I have experienced lately, writing the slow burn story.

These tales are unique because they take AGES to come out of you.

They are normally written in dribs and drabs which can be very frustrating for an impatient blonde writer, like myself.

A slow burn story is a form of creative torture as your naughty muse gives you a little titbit of the story (equating to a few pages) and that’s it for a few days, weeks or even months.

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How To Get Your Shit Together

Do you ever wish you could just get your shit together? Following a seemingly endless period of low ups and deep downs, I found that my writing took a back seat for a while.  I didn’t want it to but everything was so hectic and stressful in my life that I couldn’t hear my writing voice.  It had started with the death of my Grandmother and the grieving felt never-ending.