Why guest posting is awesome for writers

It’s Monday again, so time for another Monday Marketing post.  Today, I want to discuss why writers should be taking up guest posting opportunities! 

Why guest posting is awesome for writers.

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Guest post: Really Easy to be Overwhelmed

It’s Tuesday so you know that means we are joined by a guest poster and this week’s poster is the wonderful Jaye Marie who discusses being overwhelmed – a topic I can completely understand right now. Enjoy 🙂

jayeReally Easy to be Overwhelmed

by Jaye Marie

I had made the decision to take a break from fiction this year, and already I know I will miss it.

The last few years have been pretty manic, almost destroying my passion for writing. I am 73 years old and half of a writing partnership, which means I am also an editor, proof-reader, promoter, publisher and marketer of our nine books.

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Guest Post: Finding that book inside you

This week’s guest post is by the lovely Sally Cronin who is discussing the option of writing Non-Fiction books.

sallyFinding that book inside you by Sally Cronin

Not everyone can dive into publishing with a best-selling novel, and most successful authors who have sold a million copies of their books are a rare breed.

Writing and then marketing our own books can be exciting but it can also be a daunting task. Whilst most of us who write love the process, we understand that we are competing with hundreds of thousands of other fiction titles that are published each year. This is particularly true if you are writing within one of the most popular of the genres such as Thrillers, Mystery or Fantasy.
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Guest Post: You’re Never Too Old To Learn

This week’s guest post if by the lovely Lorraine Ambers, Writer and Queen of Daydreams, who talks about who own personal experiences and how you really are, never too old to learn.

Lorraine AndrewsYou’re never too old to learn by Lorraine Ambers

Exam result time is upon us. People are waiting in angst or hope for their future endeavours. Now-a-days pupils are taught through positivity, that if you try you can succeed. This method is new. Teachers used to drill home the concept, that exam results were the pinnacle upon which success hung.  That without great grades adults would scrape the bowels of existence. Facing perils for evermore… Blah blah blah!

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Guest Post: Writing invisibly

Today’s guest poster is the lovely Bonnie Blaylock. Enjoy and don’t forget to click those links at the end! 🙂

Bonnie BlaylockWriting Invisibly by Bonnie Blaylock

Anyone who has ever wanted “to be a writer” knows that putting coherent thoughts on a page can be a challenge. So many elements vie for a writer’s attention: setting, plot, word choice, character, dialogue.

Trying to tame these wild things into submission sometimes feels like a frenzied game of Whack-a- Mole, flailing away in a sweat ending only with the writer needing a stiff drink and the mole hobbling about with painful bruises.

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Guest Post: Am I really a Writer?

This week’s guest poster is the lovely Sabrina Peppe , a new writer who I was lucky enough to come across recently. Enjoy!

Am I Really A Writer?

by Sabrina Peppe

Guest poster - Sabrina

I am not very confident and don’t post a lot of selfies – bit here I am  🙂

I love to write, I always have!  But then why when I try to do a Blog Post, work on my very beginning stage book, or interact with a social media response or statement – I can’t!

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Guest Post: Building layers into your story

Let’s continue with more guest posts! This week’s lovely contributor is T J Muir, here to discuss the layers in your story. She is another writer I met through the 85K Writing Challenge. (look at me being all social!)

Building layers into your story

by T J Muir

GP Teri1.jpg

One of the things that often separates the majority of writing from the George Martin’s of the world- is the layers of world-building. Every corner of his literary map is completely filled in. It is essential to develop your world and your characters, we all appreciate that. One of the first things I remember learning about writing: for every fact a writer uses, there are ten facts sitting in their pocket.

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Guest Post: Types of Crime Thrillers

Enjoy another guest post, this time by the lovely Rachel Emms.

Types of Crime Thrillers

By Rachel Emms


My name is Rachel Emms, I am an aspiring crime and thriller writer, book blogger and currently studying an MA in crime novel writing. I am delighted to be one of Ari’s guest bloggers and wanted to chat to you today about the crime genre in general and the many sub genres connected to this genre.

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