Guest Post: Am I really a Writer?

This week’s guest poster is the lovely Sabrina Peppe , a new writer who I was lucky enough to come across recently. Enjoy!

Am I Really A Writer?

by Sabrina Peppe

Guest poster - Sabrina

I am not very confident and don’t post a lot of selfies – bit here I am  🙂

I love to write, I always have!  But then why when I try to do a Blog Post, work on my very beginning stage book, or interact with a social media response or statement – I can’t!

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Guest Post: Building layers into your story

Let’s continue with more guest posts! This week’s lovely contributor is T J Muir, here to discuss the layers in your story. She is another writer I met through the 85K Writing Challenge. (look at me being all social!)

Building layers into your story

by T J Muir

GP Teri1.jpg

One of the things that often separates the majority of writing from the George Martin’s of the world- is the layers of world-building. Every corner of his literary map is completely filled in. It is essential to develop your world and your characters, we all appreciate that. One of the first things I remember learning about writing: for every fact a writer uses, there are ten facts sitting in their pocket.

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