How to find time to write your novel

We are all busy people, but that novel idea is still churning away, crying out to be told.  So, how do you find time amidst the chaos of life, to write your novel?

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Repost: Balance writing and life

Plate Spinning smallOld post RE-POSTED because I need the reminder and it’s a good thing to think about as we are all seemingly getting busier.

One (of the many) areas that can make a writer struggle is the intolerable attempts at trying to balance your writing life with…well everything else. Those of us destined to be writers often find ourselves swamped by ideas, scenes, snippets of dialogue and sometimes a full-on deluge of thought-strands that desperately need to be woven together into a story.

Normally this would be great, a fun time had by all (with the occasion crying and screaming moments as happens with us creative types). However that pesky thing called “Life” tends to jam its way into our writing time (since we consider ALL time writing time) and there we stumble.

If you are a writer stressing about finding time, about finding that perfect balance, that method of juggling both writing and life with all its favours, then you are not alone!
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