10 Things I have Learnt about being a writer

Stack of vintage books isolated on white01 Writing takes practice

Of course it takes practice.  It is like anything, you can bring all the talent you have to a creative endeavour, but if you are going to progress you need to practice.

Skill is developed and it needs space and time to grow.  I am actually saddened when I see new writers who say “I’ve started writing a novel,” and then a month later they are publishing it.

I am sure there are the odd savants out there who can churn out a novel and edit it within a month and it’s a masterpiece.  Let me just say I haven’t come across any yet.  Writing needs patient, time and a helluva lot of blood, sweat and tears.

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Mental Exhaustion: Hitting the (Writing) Wall

Girl suffering from overworkToday has not been a good day. I can have a lot of up and downs and unfortunately today was a down.

Hence the lateness of the blog post AND why it’s still not a return to my World Building series. I’m sorry guys. I know I suck right now.

So, in order to get through the “crash” I am feeling today I decided to talk about mental exhaustion.

Firstly, mental exhaustion can lead to writers block but there are many things that can cause writers block (here’s a post on helping to deal with it) but I wanted to focus on mental exhaustion separately.

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Dealing with Distraction Syndrome

dealing with distractionWhen I started writing it was before the internet, or at least before the internet became more mainstream. My parents never got the net while I was still living at home and though I did get it when I moved out, the internet was a lot different than it is now.

Chatting to friends was done in IM windows rather than on platforms like Facebook. Crappy blurry webcams you could make fun of rather than Skype and everyone used Yahoo as their search engine because who the hell had heard of Google!
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