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Why I Love And Hate Being A Writer

Being a writer has its ups and downs. In fact, it's probably why writers (and other creative types) often have to live with riding the excessive emotional roller-coaster that comes from straddling reality and fantasy. I don't think people choose to be writers.  They either are or they aren't.  So, if you are feeling the pull drawing you to becoming a writer, here are some thoughts about it from me.

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How to Overcome Creative Constipation (Writers Block)

A true writer loves to write, it is a passion that consumes, to some it is even a craving that needs to be fulfilled. So what happens when the words don’t come, the characters fall silent, the plot line stops... or worse. This is Creative Constipation (aka Writer’s Block) and every writer, from professional to amateur has suffered this.  If you haven’t yet, you will – trust me. Writer's Block is one of the worst feelings a writer can experience.  Even the best writers will suffer it at some point or another and truthfully it feels like complete crap!