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Writers, How To Deal With Critics

Every writer has critics and opinion minions.  In fact, you could just be thinking about becoming a writer and someone will have a comment about your decision. This post is going to cover the  Level 1 Critics, these are people who just have to say something about what you’re doing. In a world where everything is up for review from your meal to the new stapler you just bought, it’s not surprising that everyone has an opinion and wants to express it. Whether you ask for it or not. This is where the Level 1 Critic lives.  They are the ones who have found out you're a writer.  You've not asked them to read anything but they are rushing ahead with their opinion.

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So, You Want To Be A Writer?

Great!  The world could always use more writers. I've been writing since I was 8 years old and I'm now a lot older than 8 (we won't discuss HOW much older).  I have seen my work improve and I feel that over the many MANY years I've been writing, I've gleaned some personal thoughts on what (I think) people need to know if they want to be writers.