How to write Fight Scenes

Writing fight scenes
I have read enough books to find that fight scenes can be difficult to write. Some of the novels I have read had painful fight scenes that either had to be skipped completely or re-read just to figure out who was doing what, so this tutorial is an amalgamation of my thoughts on the best ways to do it.

First, let’s break this down into aspects to think about:

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Tutorial – Basic Descriptions


Every writer should have heard the term “Show, don’t tell.” Now I will go into that in more detail in another blog, but I’ve had people say they don’t understand this term.

Let me explain. Writers are not just storytellers. When we meet up with friends and family, we will tell stories of our day. We go through the events, often with wild hand gestures and more than enough exaggerated points.

This is telling. After all, if some idiot almost runs you off the road, I guarantee colourfulness of the story comes not from any description but from some choice curse words. You don’t describe physically the driver or set the landscape other than maybe a passing reference to what road you might have been driving on.

Showing comes from description and descriptions make a story come to life. Each reader will take what descriptions you give in your story, paint out the image in their mind’s eye and then add to it. With this knowledge, we know we need to supply some description to give our readers their mental paintbrushes but not every last detail as some things should be left to the reader.
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Getting Organised – Part 2

Organising, OrganizingLet’s continue with Getting Organised 🙂

There are many “Character Profile Templates” floating about and I will (eventually) add one of my own to the Free Printables section.

These can be useful but I must stress that you should not follow them too strictly as you progress with your writing.

They are good to start with, to get the “meat” of your characters down, but as your writing becomes more detailed you would be best to design your own character template. This way you will not end up with a lot of extra sections requiring information you don’t need.
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