How to write a strong Fight Scene

Fight scenes can be difficult to write.  Some novels I’ve read, had painful fight scenes that I either skipped completely or re-read just to figure out who was doing what.  So this tutorial is an amalgamation of my thoughts on the best ways to do it.

Title Image: how to write a strong fight scene.  Image of two kings chess pieces leaning against each other

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How to make realistic memorable characters

Characters are the life breath of your novel so you need to create strong, realistic, memorable characters.  You want your readers to connect with them, to cheer for them, to grieve with them…to do that, you need to make realistic, memorable characters.

Title Image: How to make realistic, memorable characters part 1

In my ‘What you need to think about for awesome descriptions‘ I did mention characters briefly.  However, are some things to consider when creating characters.

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