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Why It’s Important To Use Tags & Categories On Your Blog

It’s Thursday so once again I’m doing a Blogger Series post. 

New to this blog?  Every Thursday I am currently running a series of blog posts about blogging.  Wanted to know all those quick and easy methods of getting a blog up and running?  What you need to know to draw in readers?  How to make your blog a success?

This is the series for you.  Simple information, clear instructions and if you need further clarification, just leave me a comment.

Today’s topic is all about the use of Tags and Categories on your blog posts.

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The Mystery Blogger Award

A big thanks to my awesome friend and fellow writer, Lorraine Ambers who has nominated me for The Mystery Blogger Award. 

Make sure you check out her website, it is full of great articles and she is definitely a writer you want to keep watch on 🙂