Stages of Writing

drawing idea pencil and light bulb concept creative and leadershAs my novel ideas have come screaming back like a furious banshee over the last few weeks, it got me thinking about the Stages of Writing.

For those hardened writers who have been at it for ages, I am sure you will see some familiarity here. For those newly joining us in the world of writing, welcome to what the journey will hold. 🙂

Stage 1 – The Spark (Struck (in the head) by Genius)

This is where the Genius or Muse appears one day and bashes you senseless with an idea. Some of these ideas come like boulders tumbling from a great height as the very plot of a story. Others leave cracks in your mind for thin shoots to poke through, just a wisp of an idea that has the makings of something bigger.

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How to organise your writing on the computer

Computer file storage, computer file organizationIf someone asked me what I wish I had known when I first started writing that would have helped me now, I think my answer would have been starting my electronic organising earlier.

Having amassed huge amounts of scenes, notes, ideas, plots, character profiles, lists, maps, pictures and more all to do with SEVERAL novel series’, an organised system was needed.

So is it really important? (I hear you ask)
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