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Writers, Please Stop All The Hating

So, I'm seeing a lot of negativity from some writers.  Since creative people are tangled in a vast swathe of emotions and sensations, negativity is certainly an understandable part of the tapestry.  We know self-loathing can often rise in Creatives.  However, this negativity is directed outwards. This negativity is aimed at other people, mostly other writers, reviewers and even readers.

How to organise your writing on computer

How To Organise Your Writing On The Computer

If someone asked me what I wish I had known when I first started writing that would have helped me now, I think my answer would have been starting my electronic organising earlier. Throughout my time of writing, I have amassed huge amounts of scenes, notes, ideas, plots, character profiles, lists, maps, pictures and more.  All of which is connected to SEVERAL novel series’, so yes, an organised system was needed.