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Why you need to change your Email Organisation

Emails have always been a bane in my life. Yes they have their uses and it makes things so much faster and efficient, but we are drowning in emails and many of us find our inboxes are just becoming a digital hoard of messages we can’t organise or clear.

Here is how I organise my email systems to make things easier.

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Guest Posters Wanted For This Blog

It’s the New Year and I’m looking for some new Guest Posters!  Last year I actually went around bothering the good people on social media to see if any of them wanted to share their wisdom, regale us with tales of success or woe….and just shamelessly advertise their writing/books!

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Writers, Please Stop All The Hating

So, I’m seeing a lot of negativity from some writers.  Since creative people are tangled in a vast swathe of emotions and sensations, negativity is certainly an understandable part of the tapestry. 

We know self-loathing can often rise in Creatives.  However, this negativity is directed outwards.

This negativity is aimed at other people, mostly other writers, reviewers and even readers.

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