11 questions writers get asked

WritersLifeWriters often get asked questions when people find out we write. Some questions are okay, some are understandable and some are down right annoying. These are all questions I’ve been asked at one time or another. o.O

You’re a writer? (usually with surprise) What have you written?

It’s an honest question but for many writers there is not an easy answer. If you’re published you can mention your book. If you aren’t then things get more complicated. You can mentioned the genres or state that you’ve written a manuscript or two. Or that you are working on a manuscript.

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Stop all the hate

Teamwork concept. People hands pulling the rope on grey background

So, I’m seeing a lot of negativity from some writers on the net.

Since creative people are tangled in a vast swathe of emotions and sensations, negativity is certainly part of that tapestry and it has its place.

But too much and everything becomes dull. Now the negativity I’m speaking of isn’t even the expected kind – you know that self-hating, self-doubting type we writers sometimes find following us around like a bad smell.

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What’s your goal?

Typewriter Whats Your Goal

I know I said on Facebook that I would be coming back to my World Building Series, I will I promise, just not today.

Yesterday I spend the afternoon/evening advising my sister-(not yet)in-law on how to write a business plan and brainstorming her business idea. (That was the reason I’m late to blog – sorry people!)

As I was doing it this post came to me.

Business Plans are a structured description of your idea, how you will manage it, how you will finance the idea, how you see it growing and expanding, the risks involved, how to minimise those risks etc etc.

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Deconstructing a story

Deconstructing a Storya.jpgI’ve been writing for a long time and looking back I can see how my skills have developed.

I used to wish to be published at the age of 18. However now I am really REALLY glad I didn’t attempt it, I was not ready and I have seen a strengthening to my writing that has grown over the years.

Now I consider myself a much stronger writer* (ahhh got to love my not-so-inner egotist) and one thing I noticed as my skills improved was how I started to react to books and movies.

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Stages of Writing

drawing idea pencil and light bulb concept creative and leadershAs my novel ideas have come screaming back like a furious banshee over the last few weeks, it got me thinking about the Stages of Writing.

For those hardened writers who have been at it for ages, I am sure you will see some familiarity here. For those newly joining us in the world of writing, welcome to what the journey will hold. 🙂

Stage 1 – The Spark (Struck (in the head) by Genius)

This is where the Genius or Muse appears one day and bashes you senseless with an idea. Some of these ideas come like boulders tumbling from a great height as the very plot of a story. Others leave cracks in your mind for thin shoots to poke through, just a wisp of an idea that has the makings of something bigger.

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World Building: Landscape

globe concept of idyllic green worldOkay, let’s talk about some basics of landscape.

The Earth has numerous geological processes that are happening within and upon it continuously. Heat from the accretion of the planet is continually lost and so this ongoing loss of heat is what drives these processes.

Why is this important?

Plate Tectonics

The Earth’s crust is made up of giant “plates”. They are generated and destroyed by this heat we just discussed. New plates are created at the divergent (constructive) plate boundary. This is where the hot rock that is heated at the Earth’s core rises up. The tectonic plates are pushed apart and rising magma (the melted rock) from the mantle reaches the surface.

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How to organise your writing on the computer

Computer file storage, computer file organizationIf someone asked me what I wish I had known when I first started writing that would have helped me now, I think my answer would have been starting my electronic organising earlier.

Having amassed huge amounts of scenes, notes, ideas, plots, character profiles, lists, maps, pictures and more all to do with SEVERAL novel series’, an organised system was needed.

So is it really important? (I hear you ask)
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Writing Tutorial – Show don’t Tell

Show dont tellWhat writer hasn’t heard the advice “Show, don’t tell!” However I have noticed that some people just use this as the advice itself. As if saying to a new writer “show me, don’t tell me” is enough.

Not everyone will instantly understand and that’s why do many new writers ask about this key concept.

I think Showing rather than Telling is a pretty fundamental piece of writing advice and can really set writers apart. New writers often fall into the trap of telling their story rather than showing it. But if you are a new writer you are meant to fall into all these mistake pits – how else are you meant to learn and grow.
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