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Blog Hop: Bookstore Whimsy

It’s the last Wednesday of the month and that means Fiction Writers Blog Hop.

The Blog Hop was created by the talented writer Julie Valerie. Do check it out (see the link above).

I’ve decided to list my Blog Hop posts on a separate page called…. Blog Hop Posts (wow I really am great at naming things)

June’s topic is Bookstores!

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Why I’m Bad At Being An Adult (pt.1)

I recently watched a Youtube video (not a surprise, I spend waaaay more time on Youtube than I should) that was about being a bad adult.

It made me laugh mainly because it was pretty close to how I am.  It then prompted a discussion between myself and my other half about other ways in which we are pretty bad at being adults.

Often I feel like a kid playing dress-up and doing a pretty poor job of it too!

So, enjoy the list of things that probably make me pretty bad at being an adult. Hope this is enlightening and that maybe some of you will nod along going “yup, I do that too!”

You can now read Part 2 of Why I’m Bad at being an Adult.

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In The Beginning…

The start of a new chapter in my life.

Welcome to The Eternal Scribbler; the writing blog I have been thinking about creating for a while now.  Finally, after announcing its creation date as the 1st July 2013, I felt I had to follow through and lo and behold, I am suddenly able to manage it!

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