A Year in Northern Ireland

I am taking a mini break from Monday Marketing just for this week (don’t worry, it will be back next week) as it is a year and a day since I moved to Northern Ireland.  So this post is about looking back on that year.

Title Image: A Year in Northern Ireland. Image: Cluster of Shamrock. Cloverleaves

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Guest Post: You’re Never Too Old To Learn

This week’s guest post if by the lovely Lorraine Ambers, Writer and Queen of Daydreams, who talks about who own personal experiences and how you really are, never too old to learn.

Lorraine AndrewsYou’re never too old to learn by Lorraine Ambers

Exam result time is upon us. People are waiting in angst or hope for their future endeavours. Now-a-days pupils are taught through positivity, that if you try you can succeed. This method is new. Teachers used to drill home the concept, that exam results were the pinnacle upon which success hung.  That without great grades adults would scrape the bowels of existence. Facing perils for evermore… Blah blah blah!

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