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Writing Tips – Guest Post by Ari Meghlen

I was given the opportunity to share my advice on author Kevin Klehr’s blog. Check it out here.

Ps apologies for the lack of Friday’s blog post. We have had a death in the family. Thanks for your understanding.

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Today’s guest blogger is a bit of an enigma.

We know Ari Meghlen’s avatar from her Twitter site as she shares daily questions for us to consider under the hashtag #TheMerryWriter. She is working on several books yet hasn’t been published. But she has flash fiction pieces on her website, as well as a wealth of articles about writing.

We also know that Ari loves writing fantasy, loves blogging, is an archer, a movie-lover, a sculptor and a bad card player.

I was nervous when I asked her to write a guest blog because I never feel comfortable direct messaging someone I don’t know well. I was really happy Ms Meghlen said yes.

I want to say a big thanks to Kevin for inviting me onto his writing blog, I truly appreciate this opportunity.  Here are some of my tips:

1 – Don’t Compare

One of the most destructive habits…

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Guest Post – The Eternal Scribbler

I was given the opportunity by Lorraine Amber’s to be a guest post on her blog! This is my first-time guest blogging 🙂 so I discussed the early pages of a manuscript. Enjoy and do check out Lorraine’s blog it is full of great articles.

Lorraine Ambers

As writers we have to a pretty hefty job of carrying all those characters, worlds, ideas around in our heads desperate to come out and be added to the blank page.

Today I want to talk about the first few pages of your book.

The first pages of a book are what sell it. You can have a fancy cover, great blurb and a dazzling plot – but if you fail in the first few pages, you could have lost your chance to shine.

Writing novel book plot character

This is one of the reasons I usually write my first chapter last or at least after much more of the book is written. This allows me to move the scenes around and sometimes find a mid-scene that works better for the first chapter.

From publishers to readers, those few pages have to be gripping (not talking suspenseful, unless…you know…you’re writing a suspense novel!) but they…

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Do You Know Who Your Narrator Is?

Recently, while driving, I got to thinking about perspectives within stories.  You won't believe how often I think about writing while driving. Now by 'perspective', I mean in reference to the narrator's voice. As in the perspective of the narrator.  If you are writing a book in third-person your narrator will probably change (unless you're writing third-person limited). I have seen in a few unpublished stories by young writers, where the authors didn't really take into consideration who the narrator was within a scene or chapter and this led to a disjointed story as the narrator randomly changed mid-scene.

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9 Things Writers Should Definitely NOT Do

Today I thought I would share my thoughts with you on what writer's shouldn't do. As always, these are just my opinions so feel free to ignore/disregard if you feel the need. This is not a massively comprehensive list, there are many things writers shouldn't do. Like, don't tackle a policeman to the ground just to see what it's like to be arrested. That should be considered a no-no. So let's get to it, Ari's Things Writers Shouldn't Do...