Who’s your Narrator?

Talk in colors speech bubbles social mediaRecently, while driving, I got to thinking about perspectives within stories.

(I do a lot of thinking while I drive…I do a lot of swearing to myself at the idiots on the road too…yup, I’m one of those drivers).

Now by ‘perspective’ I mean in reference to the narrator’s voice. As in the perspective of the narrator. If you are writing a book in 3rd person your narrator will probably change (unless you’re writing 3rd person limited).

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Guest post: “Write what you know” (part 2)

We continue with the second part of the guest post “Write what you know” by author Nathalie Andrews. Do make sure to check out her social media links and her current book!

Nathalie.jpg“Write What You Know” (part 2)

By Nathalie Andrews

“You’ll find it really hard to stay away from stereotypes.”

This is true. There is almost always a stereotype to fall into somewhere. Women are emotional; men are strong! If these are stereotypes, should I only write weak men and emotionally-repressed women?


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Guest post: “Write what you know” (part 1)

This week’s guest poster is the lovely author Nathalie Andrews who discusses that prickly topic of “write what you know.” Please note this is a 2 part article so check back tomorrow for the second half 🙂 Enjoy!

Nathalie.jpg“Write What You Know” (part 1)

By Nathalie Andrews

We’ve all heard the advice. If we’ve experienced something the chances are we will have a clearer understanding of it and, in turn, that means we’ll be better able to write about it. Right?

But what if you want to write about something completely different – a character from another time, another culture, a fantastical world? There are two things to think about: how could you write them well? And should you write them at all?

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Guest Post: The One Thing Every Writer Needs To Succeed

And we continue with our awesome mid-week Guest Posts. I invited Robert Evenhouse from PartTimeNovel.com to share some wisdom. Enjoy!

The One Thing Every Writer Needs to Succeed

By Robert Evenhouse


Behind every good writer is a group of individuals that have helped them get to where they are. I firmly believe this. Consider the Inklings or the group of writers that Hemingway wrote about in A Moveable Feast, writers are born not out of solitude, but community.
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Beating procrastination

Proverb "Procrastination is the thief of time" written on a blacApologies if you came here hoping today’s post would be back on World Building, I will be starting that up again shortly.

However today I thought I would discuss Procrastination and losing time in general. In my post Dealing with Distraction Syndrome I mainly covered the affect the internet has on our lives and our writing. Yet there is much more than just the internet that causes procrastination.

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Stages of Writing

drawing idea pencil and light bulb concept creative and leadershAs my novel ideas have come screaming back like a furious banshee over the last few weeks, it got me thinking about the Stages of Writing.

For those hardened writers who have been at it for ages, I am sure you will see some familiarity here. For those newly joining us in the world of writing, welcome to what the journey will hold. 🙂

Stage 1 – The Spark (Struck (in the head) by Genius)

This is where the Genius or Muse appears one day and bashes you senseless with an idea. Some of these ideas come like boulders tumbling from a great height as the very plot of a story. Others leave cracks in your mind for thin shoots to poke through, just a wisp of an idea that has the makings of something bigger.

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World Building: Landscape

globe concept of idyllic green worldOkay, let’s talk about some basics of landscape.

The Earth has numerous geological processes that are happening within and upon it continuously. Heat from the accretion of the planet is continually lost and so this ongoing loss of heat is what drives these processes.

Why is this important?

Plate Tectonics

The Earth’s crust is made up of giant “plates”. They are generated and destroyed by this heat we just discussed. New plates are created at the divergent (constructive) plate boundary. This is where the hot rock that is heated at the Earth’s core rises up. The tectonic plates are pushed apart and rising magma (the melted rock) from the mantle reaches the surface.

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Avoiding a Meltdown: Backup your writing!

3d objectsEarly on in my writing, when I was just a young teenager I wrote a sci-fi novel. It was probably the most I’d ever written by that age and was spread over 2 floppy disks (ahhh showing my age now!)

As I shared a computer with the family I couldn’t save my work on the computer itself and so the only copy of the story was on floppy disks.

To my horror, one of them became corrupted. I lost over half the novel and was never able to retrieve it. There are no words to describe the feeling of loss when you lose your writing.
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So you want to be a writer?

Blank page, how to startGreat! The world could always use more writers!

Throughout the many years I have been writing my stories I have gleaned some personal thoughts on what (I think) you could do with to help you become a writer. Here they are:


Writing is not an innate skill, there are some people who are gifted at spinning the tale, some who have to sweat blood to be considered good at their craft, but whether it comes easily or not we ALL have to practice. You can’t be a concert pianist by just tinkling chopsticks all day – that will get you nowhere! (It will also annoy people!)
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