Paid Services

I currently offer the following paid services on this blog.  If you are interested in any of these, please read through the details and use the contact form below.

Sponsored Posts

I do allow sponsored posts on this blog as long as the content is relevant to my blog’s theme/niche.  However, I do have a current limit of allowing only two sponsored posts per month at this moment.

I am happy to write copy for a sponsored post or accept pre-written articles as long as they are written solely for my blog and not listed anywhere else.

Any pictures included in a sponsored post must not be copyrighted or you must hold the copyright or have received written permission to use them in this manner.

All sponsored posts must be approved by me before they are uploaded to my blog.  Once approved and uploaded, the post will remain on this blog indefinitely.

I do not currently allow follow links.

Fees for a sponsored post will vary depending on: whether you require me to write the copy or if it’s pre-written; how quickly you want it to go live and how much you want me to publicise it (eg on my social media accounts).

The fee must be paid in full via Paypal before the post goes live.

Feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss requirements.

Product Reviews

I accept items for review only if they are a good fit for this blog and its niche.  If you are a business that would like me to review your product, please contact me.

Include information on the product in question, some detail about your business and if there is a specific time frame you need a review within.

For a review, you will need to send the item to a UK address for me to test before a review is written.  Should you require the item returning, you must pay the return cost.

For software, I will need a copy of the software which allows me access to the features, this can be temporary access that gives me time to test and try the features.

Please note all my product reviews are 100% honest.

NB: I do not accept payment for book reviews.  If you are interested in getting a book review, please check out my guidelines.