Book Review Guidelines


Not currently accepting book submissions for review at this time

What I Accept

I accept book submissions from self-published authors, publishers and agents.  The genres I accept for book reviews:

☆ Traditional Fantasy

☆ Urban Fantasy

☆ New Adult & Young Adult

☆ Science Fiction

☆ Thriller

☆ Mystery

☆ Romance

What I Don’t Accept

The genres I don’t accept for book reviews:

☆ Erotica

☆ Non-Fiction

☆ Westerns

☆ Horrors

☆ Children’s books

My Reviews

My reviews will be all be honest and as spoiler-free as possible.  They will include the book’s blurb/summary, my thoughts on several areas including pacing, plot, dialogue etc and a rating.

Please note, however, if I do not enjoy a book to the point where I cannot finish reading it, I will inform the author/publisher and no review will be written.

Do not request a review if you are unable or unwilling to accept that it may not be a positive one.

My Rating System

Review system - 5 stars   It’s awesome

Feedback rating system 4 stars   It’s great

Feedback rating system 3 stars   It’s good

Feedback rating system - 2 stars   Not a fan

Feedback rating system 1 star  Disappointed

quill Bonus rating – A new favourite, I will read again and again

My Time Frame

Book review requests will be added to a queue.  If the queue gets too large, I will close submissions temporarily.

It can take a few months before a book is read and the review written and scheduled to post.  Please be patient.  Upon requesting a review I will inform you of what slot you occupy in the queue.

ARC Reviews

If your book is an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) and thus needs to have a completed review ready for the launch date, please state this in your request.

If possible, please request an ARC review at least 4 weeks before you need the review to give me time.

When the review goes live

Once the review goes live on my blog, it will also be shared on GoodReads and where possible, on Amazon.

All book reviews will be shared in my Twitter Feed, my Tumblr Page, my Facebook Page, my Book Review Pinterest board and on my Instagram.

To increase exposure to the review, please take the time to share it on your social media using the share buttons, once it has gone live.

Requesting a Review

If you have a book you want to be reviewed, please make sure you’ve read and understood the above guidelines, then use the submission form below so that your request does not end up in my spam folder.

Please include:

  • The Title and Author of the book
  • Your connection to the book (are you the author, publisher, agent etc)
  • Genre
  • Short description of the book
  • Deadline if required

If your submission is accepted

Due to the number of emails I receive on this blog, please give me 72 hours before chasing me, if you have not heard back from me.

If I accept your submission, please send me a free copy of your book in PDF format.  I do not require a hard copy of the book unless of course, you do not have it in electronic form.