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My Bookshelf is were I will be sharing books I enjoyed.  Check back as I will be building this up slowly.

Book cover: The Silver Ninja - A Bitter Winter by Wilmar LunaThe Silver Ninja: A Bitter Winter is book 1 of 5 of The Silver Ninja series. 

She stretched out her hand and touched SIRCA’s waist which felt as it looked, smooth and solid. When she removed her hand, a trail of stringy mucus-like fibers dangled from her palm like glue—How is this a suit?

On a cold winter night in New York City, former NYPD officer Cindy Ames snuck into a top-secret lab and stole a dangerous technology.  With this device, she physically transformed herself into an unstoppable superhuman. 

Tortured by guilt over her partner’s murder, Cindy swore to use her new weapon to bring justice to the killer who ruined her life.  But when the deaths of innocent people plague Manhattan, all evidence points to her.  Has Cindy’s quest for revenge gone too far?   The truth she discovers about herself may be more than she bargained for.  

Super powers can save a city but BREAK a hero. 

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