Links to other Authors / Blogs

As writers, our only competition, is our selves

Books and glassesI believe that wholeheartedly, so am happy to support and share the love!  Here are the links to some great authors I know.  Please visit their websites, connect with them, read their work!  They are good people 😉

Wilmar Luna – Author of the Silver Ninja Series

Matthew J Mimnaugh – Author of JP Starwind Series

Cass Alexander – Author of the Persimmon Series

Melka Stansah – Author of The Raven Trilogy

Pearl R Meaker – Author of the Emory Crawford Mysteries

Jayne Denker – Author of Your New Best Friend

Toni Cox  – Author of the Elemental Trilogy

Suzanne Rogerson – Author of Visions of Zarua

Gary Sherwin – Author of The Immortalis Series

Julie Valerie – Author of A Kind of Mad Courage

Kim Chance – Author of Keeper

Rachel Poli – Writer of The Lost Girl

Lorraine Ambers

Don Messenzio

Chris the Story Reading Ape

Brenda – [Caffeinated Ramblings]

Robert – [Part-Time Novel]

Tanya Cliff – [The Quill that Shatters Glass]

Amir Ghazi – [World of Horror]

Sally – [Smorgasbord]

MS Harris

Kat Saliba