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What’s Ko-Fi?

You may have noticed I have a Buy me a Coffee button on my sidebar.

Ko-Fi is a free service that allows creators to receive donations from fans and supporters of our content.

The idea is that you can give support to someone by buying them a “coffee”.

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How To Get Your Shit Together

Do you ever wish you could just get your shit together?

Following a seemingly endless period of low ups and deep downs, I found that my writing took a back seat for a while. 

I didn’t want it to but everything was so hectic and stressful in my life that I couldn’t hear my writing voice. 

It had started with the death of my Grandmother and the grieving felt never-ending.

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How to Avoid Writing a Mary Sue Character

There are a number of things that can drive readers away from your book, and badly-developed characters are definitely close to the top of that list. 

It’s not always done intentionally but it’s something that can ruin a good story.  So take the time to learn how not to write a Mary Sue-type character.

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