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Things To Consider When Researching For Your Novel

Research is a big part of being a writer.  You might have a wicked talent for creating characters, threading plot-lines and scoring dialogue but if you do no research then you work will probably have some holes.

Some writers love research, others hate it.  I flash between the two depending on my mood.

Now, my personal rule is that any writer worth their salt who WANTS to be published someday has a good collection of reference books in their home.  Or knows intricately the layout of the reference section in their local library.

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How To Plot Your Novel With Conflict

I thought it was about time I addressed plotting and conflict.  The plot is the pathway that winds through your story. 

It is the veins that carry the characters, the intrigue, the tension.  So, it is pretty important.

A writer should spend time working on their plot.  They should stand in the middle of the vast flatland of their story until they see at least some semblance of a pathway.

It might be a straight road, a winding, twisting footpath or a spider-web of tracks that continually intersect.

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How To Turn Your Writing Talent Into Skill

The terms “talent” and “skill” is often be banded about.  I see many young writers, new writers who speak in awe of someone’s talent.  This is often followed with “I’ll never be that good” or “I wish I was that talented.”

It’s easy to get disheartened in the creative arts.

When I was young, my writing would suffer every time I read a great book.  As the wow factor of the book faded, it would be replaced by a bitterness in myself and my work. This led to my own novel festering away alone as I refused to “waste my time” on it.

Thankfully, I grew out of that bad habit and while I do still read books that wow me, they are now just a measuring stick by which I can gauge my own development and know what I am aiming for.

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