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How to Build your World: Religion

Yes, it’s time for another World Builder article. Today’s post is all about Religion in your world.

If you missed any of my earlier World Builder articles you can find them here – World Builder series.

Disclaimer: Okay since I’m discussing religions, one of those topics they say never to discuss, I just want to add that nothing I right here is done so to offend. This article is just about creating religions in fantasy worlds.

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More Awesome Blogs I Want to Share

On July’s “last Monday post”, I shared 10 Awesome Blogs <– click it if you missed it!

Well, 10 wasn't really enough to share all the awesome blogs I love so I'm doing 10 More awesome blogs.

As I mentioned last time, this isn't easy as I follow a lot of blogs that are all packed full of great content too.

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8 Things I Love Seeing in Books

Recently I shared a post called 8 Things I’m Tired of Seeing in Books. So today I thought I’d share with you some of the themes and tropes I LOVE seeing in books.

As before, these are just my own personal opinions and I know other people may dislike these same tropes etc. But I just love ’em!

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