Guest Posters

I have been lucky enough to convince some other writers to guest post on The Eternal Scribbler (see, nagging and stalking works!). They are kindly sharing their experiences, wisdom, processes or just some tricks and tips.

Stephany Irwin – Experiences with Literary Agents

Morgan Ré – Interview Questions

Robert Evenhouse – One Thing Every Writer Needs To Succeed

Matthew J Mimnaugh – Pre-Writing

Rachel Emms – Types of Crime Thrillers

Amir Ghazi – Interview Questions

Julie Valerie – Find the Perfect Word: contemplating word choice

T J Muir – Building Layers into your Story

Sabrina – Am I Really A Writer?

Brenda Baker – A Writer’s Love Story

Bonnie Blaylock – Writing Invisibly

Dread Pirate – Alpha Readers

Erika Kehlet – Do’s and Don’ts of connecting with reviewers

Cat from HappyMeerkatReviews – Book Reviewing

Lorraine Ambers – You are never too old to learn

Suzanne Rogerson – 15 Tips for Self Publishing (the second time around)

Emma Hornby – Interview questions

Sally Cronin – Finding The Book Inside You

Kim Chance – Back to the bean: A writer’s Letter to No & Interview questions

Pearl R Meaker – Where do you get your ideas?

M S Harris – How to write in a foreign language

Nathalie Andrews – Write what you know Part 1 & Part 2

Wilmar Luna –  Be afraid to give up, not to failInterview Questions & Believable vs Realistic Fight Scenes

Melka Stansah – Why do I write & Interview Questions

Sandie Docker – Own it baby. Work it!

Jayne Denker – A Reading Experience & Interview Questions

Lynne Farley – Choose your self publisher carefully!

Justine Alley Dowsett – Why writers should also be readers

Pearl R Meaker – Love, Twue Love

Jaye Marie – Really easy to be overwhelmedReally easy to be overwhelmed

Laura Smith – Playing to Win: Writing, Odds and the Academy Awards

Rachel Poli – Why do you write? & Interview Questions

Viv, The Owl Lady – Interview questions

Toni Cox – Experience & overcoming difficulties

Ichabod Temperance – To Speak with Temperance

Annette Rochelle Aben – But for the Grace

Kristine Simelda – Interview questions

P C Zick – Creating a functional family within fiction

Elke Feuer – How to keep writing when all hell breaks loose

Daniel Rumanos – Interview Questions

Gary M Sherwin – Interview Questions

Jann Weeratunga – Baking a Bigger Cake

Iris Sweetwater – Making a Writer

Yecheilyah Ysrayl – Interview Questions

Khaled Talib – Interview Questions

Cass Alexander – My Name’s not Cass, but you can call me Cass & Writing, You’ll be the death of me & I Wanna Give good Query

Isla Dennes – When I am a Rich Man (writer)

Nthato Morakabi – The Joys of Writing Styles

Tony Brady – Interview Questions

J M Woodall – My First Year as a Writer

Nicole Arnold – Developing a Writer Identity

R B McConnell – Interview Questions

Olivia Mibl – Top 5 reasons why your bookcover is not successful

Tavera Del Toro – The Creative Process

Lindy S Hudis – The Scandal in Hollywood

Nate Johnson – Interview Questions