Monthly Goals: April 2021

April Goals 2021 | Monthly Goals

As we drift into April, I look back on March to see what I managed to accomplish.  It was rough month for me and I am glad it was one of the months I take a few days off in.  Those quarterly breaks make the difference between me burning out and being able to function like a normal human being. I tried not to give myself too much for March and am happy with what was accomplished.  I'm going to attempt a few more goals this  month as next month might see me offline for a week or two due to some house work we need doing.  So I want to get more done this month.

Shout out for an incredible artist

Shout Out For An Incredible Artist

While we writers might work with words, many of us have a deep love for art - especially artwork that features our characters.  It's become common practice amongst writers to get their main characters portraits commissioned to add that extra connection for the reader to really see what we see. So with that in mind, I just HAD to do a shout out for an incredible artist and pimp her work! 

Monthly Goals: January 2021, image of a calenar and pen

January Goals 2021 | Monthly Goals

Let's start the year off strong and for me that means making goals.  Goals should move you forward.  You start with a few yearly goals, then break them down over the months to make it easier to manage.

January is the perfect time to consider your Yearly Goals (which I did in last week's post).  From there, I've created my first set of monthly goals for the year.