Almost Back

Last few weeks have seen us relocating to Northern Ireland… and boy has that been “chaos in a hurricane”!

I am still unpacking boxes, trying to find cables and getting settled. Should be back to regularly scheduled programming next week.

Thanks for your patience


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The Magic of Not Giving a F*#k [Video]

Our time is precious and we shouldn’t waste it on things we don’t wish to, but we all have those moments of feeling pushed into things, feeling guilty… time to let that go.

Today I wanted to share this Ted tAlk video from Sarah Knight about the Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*#k.


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On a Short Hiatus

I guess technically I’ve already been on hiatus, but I hadn’t really acknowledged it to myself.

Instead, I have just constantly been berating myself for not keeping up with my blogging schedule (amongst other things) which has perpetuated the cycle of stress and self-hate.

But I am now very aware that I’ve been struggling more than I realised recently and need to take an actual step back from my online places for a short time.

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