Trinity Hart Series

Book Title: Dark Hart (book 1)
Genre: Preternatural Urban Fantasy (series)
Current Status: Second draft completed – currently with Alpha Reader (@ 100,000+ words)

About Dark Hart

All Trinity Hart wants to do is be left alone.

Covered in scars she has no memory of receiving, the ex-private investigator lives with the unnerving emptiness of a past she can’t remember and haunted by a sense of wrongness.

During an ill-fated trip to feed an addiction, she gets caught up in the politics of the city’s Preternatural denizens following the unthinkable – the murder of their strongest.

Book Aesthetic for Dark Hart by Ari Meghlen. Novel Aesthetic for Dark Hart by Ari Meghlen. Dark Hart, a preternatural urban fantasy.

Check out this blog post to lear more about Dark Hart

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Writerly Update April 2022

What I need to work on:

  • Pull out the weak section, strip out the parts that work and then re-write the rest
  • Get another pass by my alpha reader
  • Get 3 beta readers
  • Tidy up with the World Book for this series
  • Plan out book 2

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