The Blessed Series

Book Title: TBC
Genre: Traditional fantasy
Current Status: Outlined, several chapters written (currently at 40,000+ words)

The Blessed

Set in a world called Auly’rium. The story focuses mostly on Thea, one of the long-living Imorie, who has been kept hidden in her family estate for years under the iron-will of her scheming mother.

Unable to accept the future her mother has arranged for her, Thea plans to escape.  However, the chance of freedom is suddenly snatched away when she is unexpectedly marked as a Potential.

Now Thea is forced to fulfill a grueling, mentally and physically-challenging trial to test her inner power.  If she passes, she will become one of the sacred Blessed.  If not, her mind will broken in the maelstrom leaving her an empty shell, like so many before her.

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