A Coming Storm

Book Title: A Coming Storm (working title)
Genre: Fantasy (Stand-alone)
Current Status: 8,000 word outline, several scenes written

About A Coming Storm

The story follows Caiden Storm-Raiser, one of the Imperium to the Iron King.

Using the powerful gifts of the Imperium as his own personal weapons, the Iron King has been tearing a path across the land, invading and claiming new kingdoms for himself. All the while searching for a mythical treasure worth more than gold.

Caiden can do nothing but watch as his once-great king turns tyrant and rages against his neighbours and old allies. Forced to be a devastating weapon, Caiden reigns destruction down at the whims of his ruler.

That is, until he finds the treasure the Iron King has been desperately searching for.


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Writerly Update April 2022

What I need to work on:

  • Figure out the ending!
  • Complete the outline
  • Start the World Book
  • Prep my Scrivener file ready for writing

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