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Why I’m Bad At Being An Adult (pt.1)

I recently watched a Youtube video (not a surprise, I spend waaaay more time on Youtube than I should) that was about being a bad adult.

It made me laugh mainly because it was pretty close to how I am.  It then prompted a discussion between myself and my other half about other ways in which we are pretty bad at being adults.

Often I feel like a kid playing dress-up and doing a pretty poor job of it too!

So, enjoy the list of things that probably make me pretty bad at being an adult. Hope this is enlightening and that maybe some of you will nod along going “yup, I do that too!”

You can now read Part 2 of Why I’m Bad at being an Adult.

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How I Live With My Roommate, Anxiety

Firstly, this was not the post I had planned on writing, however, things keep conspiring against me.  Soooo… instead I’m going to write about Anxiety.

This has been on my “To Blog About” for a while but it’s not a comfortable topic for me.  I have suffered from extreme social anxiety for….ever and while I have learned to manage it better it still makes me uncomfortable to talk about.

In fact, my anxiety is such an uncomfortable thing that when I talk about it in real life, it sometimes comes across like a separate person. As if I need to separate myself from it.

Yes even here on the page of typed words it makes me stressed.

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How To Become Excited To Write

Most of the time writing is an awesome, incredible joy.  We get to build worlds, create characters and immerse ourselves in their lives.

But all writers have off days.  It’s not unusual and we can sometimes feel like it’s becoming a chore rather than a joy.

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